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Statut Confirmé
Domaines astro-ph
Date Vendredi 15 Juin 2018
Heure 11:00
Institut APC
Salle 454A
Nom de l'orateur Armengaud
Prenom de l'orateur Eric
Addresse email de l'orateur
Institution de l'orateur CEA
Titre Dark matter beyond WIMPs: light, warm, fuzzy and others
Résumé Many astrophysical and cosmological observations can only be interpreted assuming the existence of a dark matter component in the Universe. However the nature of this physical object remains unknown. The WIMP paradigm, one hypothesis which has been put forward for a long time, is more and more constrained by collider and direct/indirect detection experiments. I will present some other particle-physics-based hypothesis which received increasing attention in the recent years : MeV-scale strongly interacting particles, keV sterile neutrinos or bosons, QCD axions with micro-eV mass, and even lighter axion-like particles down to the fuzzy dark matter scenario at $10^{-22}$ eV. I will show how experiments or observations can test them, focusing on the small-scale Lyman alpha forest observations which indeed constrain several of these dark matter models.
Numéro de preprint arXiv
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