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Statut Confirmé
Domaines hep-th
Date Jeudi 26 Mars 2020
Heure 11:00
Institut IHP
Salle ----
Nom de l'orateur Walters
Prenom de l'orateur Matthew
Addresse email de l'orateur
Institution de l'orateur CERN
Titre QFT from CFT
Résumé Quantum field theories describe RG flows between fixed points." This slogan provides a very useful qualitative picture, but we would like to make this statement more concrete and (ideally) more useful quantitatively. I will discuss a new proposed method for realizing this goal, which uses data from UV fixed points (i.e. CFTs) to numerically compute dynamical observables in more general strongly-coupled QFTs. This approach uses low-dimension operators from the UV CFT to approximate the low-energy eigenstates of the full QFT Hamiltonian, allowing us to study dynamics even at strong coupling. After presenting a general framework which can be applied to QFTs in any number of dimensions, I will then discuss its application to a particular 2D example where we can compare with known qualitative results, as well as recent ideas for applying this framework in higher dimensions and to gauge theories, including QCD.
Numéro de preprint arXiv
Commentaires The talk will be take place as planned by at 11am Paris time, and will be given remotely. connect to Skype chatroom:
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