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Tuesday 5 July 2022, 14:00 at LPTHE, Library 4th floor and online (link in comments)
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LPTHE-PPH (Particle Physics at LPTHE) astro-ph|hep-ph|hep-th
Giacomo Landini ( University of Valencia ) Macroscopic Dark Matter from a dark confining phase transition
Abstract: First order phase transitions can leave relic pockets of false vacua and their particles, that manifest as macroscopic Dark Matter. I present one predictive model: a gauge theory with a dark quark relic heavier than the confinement scale. During the first order phase transition to confinement, dark quarks remain in the false vacuum and get compressed, forming Fermi balls that can undergo gravitational collapse to stable dark dwarfs (gravitational bound states analogous to white dwarfs) near the Chandrasekhar limit, or primordial black holes. Dark Matter manifests as a macroscopic object made of dark particles.

Thursday 7 July 2022, 14:00 at LPTHE, Seminar room at LPTMC towers 13-12 room 523 (5th floor) TQM (Theory of quantum matter) math-ph
Gregory Fiete ( Northeastern university, Boston ) Manipulation of magnetic order and band topology through selective phonon excitation
Abstract: Quantum materials driven out-of-equilibrium by a laser pump offer new opportunities for exploring intriguing quantum phenomena, including electron-correlation behaviors and topological properties of excitations. After reviewing some recent motivating pump-probe experiments, I will turn to our theoretical studies of driven many-body quantum systems. I will place particular emphasis on the situation where the laser frequency is chosen to selectively excite particular phonon modes and describe the impact of the non-equilibrium lattice on the electron properties, such as magnetism and band topology. The layered van der Waals materials CrI3 and MnBi2Te4 serve as excellent examples of the broader phenomena one might expect. I will also describe how hybrid phonon-magnon excitations in insulating antiferromagnets can exhibit highly tunable topological transitions in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field. The talk will conclude with an outlook for the prospects of achieving other interesting many-body phenomena in driven materials.

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