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Thursday 21 October 2021, 10:00 at IHP, 314 and with passcode 1234 RENC-THEO (Rencontres Théoriciennes) hep-th
Alexandre Belin ( CERN ) Randomness in the statistical distribution of OPE coefficients and Euclidean wormholes
Abstract: The eigenstate thermalization hypothesis is one of the most universal features of chaotic quantum many-body systems, which claims that matrix elements of simple operators in high energy states has a universal structure which treats off- diagonal elements statistically. Along with the random-matrix like behaviour of energy eigenstates, it is one of the main smoking guns of quantum chaos. In this talk, I will introduce the OPE randomness hypothesis: a conjecture for the statistical distribution of OPE coefficients in chaotic conformal field theories. This hypothesis generalizes the ETH ansatz and treats OPE coefficients statistically, with a distribution given to leading order by a Gaussian distribution, with corrections exponentially suppressed in the entropy. I will give evidence for this conjecture, based on asymptotic formulas for OPE coefficients that can be derived thanks to crossing symmetry and for 2d CFTs, modular invariance. I will discuss the gravitational counterparts of these results and underline the importance of Euclidean wormholes.

Thursday 21 October 2021, 11:30 at IHP, 314 RENC-THEO (Rencontres Théoriciennes) hep-th
Leron Borsten ( Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh ) On colour-kinematic duality and the double copy
Abstract: We begin by reviewing the colour-kinematics duality of (super) Yang-Mills theory and its double copy into (super)gravity. We then show that off-shell colour-kinematics duality can be made manifest in the Yang—Mills Batalin– Vilkovisky action, up to Jacobian counter-terms. This, in turn, implies the validity of the double copy to all orders in perturbations theory. We then describe the mathematical underpinnings of these observations in terms of Homotopy algebras. Figuratively, colour-kinematics duality is a symmetry of Yang—Mills in the same sense that a mug is a donut. We conclude by discussing generalisations to super Yang-Mills theory, where Sen’s formalism for self-dual field strengths emerges automatically.

Thursday 2 December 2021, 10:00 at IHP, Institut Henri Poincaré, Room 314 RENC-THEO (Rencontres Théoriciennes) hep-th
Micha Berkooz ( Weizmann Institute of Science ) TBA

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