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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series LPTHE-PPH
Subjects hep-ph
Date Tuesday 12 February 2019
Time 14:00
Institute LPTHE
Seminar Room Library
Speaker's Last Name Renner
Speaker's First Name Sophie
Speaker's Email Address sorenner [at] uni-mainz [dot] de
Speaker's Institution Mainz
Title Phenomenology of a flavoured dark sector
Abstract I will discuss the phenomenology of a QCD-like dark sector which confines around the GeV scale. The dark sector inherits a flavour structure from a coupling between dark quarks and SM quarks via a heavy mediator, which leads to a rich phenomenology that can show up in many different experiments. While stable baryonic bound states are the dark matter candidates, experimental signatrues are dominated by the lightest composite mesons, the dark pions, which can have decay lengths ranging from millimetres to hundreds of meters. I will explain the implications of this model for the LHC, dark matter direct detection, and fixed target experiments.
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