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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series LPTHE-PPH
Subjects hep-ph
Date Tuesday 19 February 2019
Time 14:00
Institute LPTHE
Seminar Room Library
Speaker's Last Name Gehrlein
Speaker's First Name Julia
Speaker's Email Address julia [dot] gehrlein [at] uam [dot] es
Speaker's Institution UAMadrid
Title Dynamical neutrino mass mechanisms
Abstract The inverse Seesaw naturally explains the smallness of neutrino masses via an approximate B-L symmetry broken only by a correspondingly small parameter. We identify a possible dynamical generation of the inverse Seesaw neutrino mass mechanism from the spontaneous breaking of a gauged U(1)_B-L symmetry. Anomaly cancellation predicts the existence of extra fermions, one of them is a viable dark matter candidate. The collider phenomenology of the Z’ gauge boson associated to U(1)_B-L is also discussed. In the second part of the talk we will propose a generalization of the type II see-saw scenario which dynamically generates a very low lepton number breaking scale from a small hierarchy. Our model presents a rich LHC phenomenology and other interesting phenomenological aspects such as the presence of a massless Goldstone boson and deviations of standard model Higgs couplings.
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