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Statut Confirmé
Domaines cond-mat
Date Lundi 30 Septembre 2019
Heure 13:30
Institut LPENS
Salle Conf IV
Nom de l'orateur Thevenard
Prenom de l'orateur Laura
Addresse email de l'orateur
Institution de l'orateur
Titre Ultrasonic drive of magnetization dynamics
Résumé Magnetostriction links the shape of a magnetic material to its magnetization direction. Kittel recognized early on the interest of applying this strain dynamically to induce magnetic resonance [1]. His ideas have seen a recent revival of interest when combined to a wide range of optical or electrical acoustic wave excitation techniques. These waves are widely used in the fields of semiconductors physics, nanophotonics, and quantum optomechanics. In the Gigahertz range, they become relevant to magnetism physics, as these are typically the eigenfrequencies of the magnetization in most ferromagnets. I will describe the work we have been doing on (Ga,Mn)As using sub-GHz surface acoustic waves (SAWs) to manipulate, control, and switch magnetization - even in the absence of any applied magnetic field [2,3,4]. I will detail the experimental technique we have developed that enables us a spatio-temporal detection of these ultrasound driven magnetization dynamics. I will conclude by some perspectives on the use of magneto-acoustics in both magnetic and acoustic devices. [1] L. Thevenard et al., “Irreversible magnetization switching using surface acoustic waves,” Phys. Rev. B, vol. 87, no. 14, p. 144402, Apr. 2013. [2] L. Thevenard et al., “Precessional magnetization switching by a surface acoustic wave,” Phys. Rev. B, vol. 93, no. 13, p. 134430, Apr. 2016. [3] P. Kuszewski et al., “Resonant magneto-acoustic switching: influence of Rayleigh wave frequency and wavevector,” J. Phys. Condens. Matter, vol. 30, no. 24, p. 244003, Jun. 2018. [4] P. Kuszewski et al., “Optical probing of Rayleigh wave driven magneto-acoustic resonance,” arXiv:1806.11410, Jun. 2018.
Numéro de preprint arXiv
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