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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series SEM-LPTMC
Subjects cond-mat
Date Monday 4 October 2021
Time 16:00
Institute LPTMC
Seminar Room salle 523 du LPTMC - Tour 12-13 Jussieu
Speaker's Last Name Delplace
Speaker's First Name Pierre
Speaker's Email Address
Speaker's Institution ENS Lyon
Title Anomalous chiral modes in 2D scattering networks
Abstract Chiral edge states are unidirectional modes that propagate along the boundaries of two-dimensional insulators when time-reversal symmetry is broken. Their existence can be understood from topological arguments, as their number is given by a topological index of the bulk bands, the Chern number. Periodically driven quantum systems (also dubbed Floquet systems), whose evolution are dictated by a unitary operator, were surprizingly found to exhibit chiral edge states that are not always predicted by the Chern numbers. Those anomalous chiral modes have however also a topological origin, but with no counterpart in Hamiltonian (static) systems. In this talk, I will show that anomalous edge modes are actually very natural in scattering networks, and discuss why one can expect them beyond the realm of periodic driven systems. Then, I will discuss recent numerical and experimental results with microwave networks that reveal a superior robustness of edge- mediated transport in the anomalous phase than in the Chern phase.
arXiv Preprint Number
Comments Meeting ID: 878 7534 6828 Passcode: 765937

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