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Statut Confirmé
Domaines cond-mat.stat-mech
Date Mercredi 12 Octobre 2022
Heure 12:00
Institut LPENS
Salle L369
Nom de l'orateur Alexakis
Prenom de l'orateur Alexandros
Addresse email de l'orateur
Institution de l'orateur LPENS
Titre Phase transitions in Turbulence
Résumé Turbulent flows are characterized by the transfer of energy across scales either towards smaller scales (forward cascade) or to larger scales (inverse cascade). Recent work has revealed that in many configurations turbulence deviates from the ideal cases of strictly forward cascade observed in three-dimensional turbulence or the strictly inverse cascade observed in two-dimensional turbulence. In the presence of confinement, rotation, stratification or magnetic fields the cascade can change direction and possibly display a split cascade where energy cascades to both small and large scales simultaneously. Furthermore, in many cases the transition from forward to inverse cascade can be critical allowing us to talk about different "phases of turbulence".I will give a short summary of these recent results focusing on the behavior of turbulence near the critical points and present the open questions that demand a statistical-physics answer.
Numéro de preprint arXiv
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