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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series MATH-IHES
Subjects math
Date Thursday 28 September 2023
Time 11:00
Institute IHES
Seminar Room Amphithéâtre Léon Mochane
Speaker's Last Name Kadattur Vasudevan
Speaker's First Name Shuddhodan
Speaker's Email Address
Speaker's Institution IHES
Title Perverse Filtration via the Brylinski-Radon Transformation
Abstract In 2010, de Cataldo-Miglorini used generic flags to compute the perverse filtration on the cohomology of an affine variety with values in a constructible sheaf. In this talk, I shall introduce the Brylinski-Radon transformation, discuss its properties and derive consequences for the perverse filtration. We shall also discuss some arithmetic applications of our results. This is joint work with Ankit Rai.
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