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Acronyme de la série P^3
Intitulé complet Particle Physics in Paris
Contact Boudaud Mathieu
Description Particle Physics in Paris is a series of meetings aiming at gathering the particle and astro-particle physics community of the Paris area around a distinguished invited speaker. The goal of these meetings is to discuss the latest and exciting developments in the field of particle physics, exchange ideas, and start new collaborations. It is also an opportunity to get to know the new postdocs of the Paris community. The meeting takes place once a month during the afternoon at LPTHE (Jussieu), IPhT (Saclay) or LPT (Orsay). It starts at 2pm with a 1h seminar, then a 30' minute break with coffee, tea and pastries provided, and finally a 1h joint journal club to discuss altogether about recent interesting papers
Domaines hep-ph
Horaire et localisation habituelle
Laboratoires parrains LPTHE
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