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SEMPARIS is a dedicated server for announcements of upcoming seminars and other academic activities (courses, conferences, workshops, thesis defenses,..) in Paris area in all fields of physics, mathematics, and computing.

You can use it at three levels -- public site, subscription site, announcer site.

On the public site, you can access all listings of upcoming seminars, search through the archived seminars, and obtain the poster for a given seminar.

On the subscription site (formerly 'personal site'), you can subscribe to receive a personalized e-mail every day or every week that summarizes selected listings of your choice filtered by fields/series/institutions.

On the announcer site (formerly 'administration site') you can announce upcoming seminars and other academic activities that you may be organizing. To access the administrative site, you need to register yourself as a seminar organizer by sending a request to the email address below.

Public Site

The main site can view the ads of the day, week, next week, all announcements to come when all the ads on record, according to criteria of series, Institute, Domain, or as a research field Speaker, Title, Abstract.

The series are denoted by an abbreviated name (e. g. RENC-THEO), and a full name (e.g. Rencontres Théoriciennes). A seminar may be listed in several series if it is a joint seminar. You can get details by clicking on the abbreviated name: topic, time and place usual contact, homepage ... If you are organizing a series of seminars, you can request the creation of a new series by sending a message to [Contact] at bottom of this page.

The institutes are also denoted by an abbreviated name and full name. A seminar may be included in only one institute (the one where he will actually take place). A series on the other hand can be sponsored by several institutes in the case of joint seminars. A research by Institute can provide seminars that are held in different places (but sponsored by the same laboratory). It is easy to obtain details about the institute by clicking on the abbreviated name: address, telephone number and fax secretariat, homepage ... If you are organizing seminars in your laboratory, you can have your laboratory join SEMPARIS by sending a message to [Contact] at bottom of this page.

The areas correspond to the classification used by the arXiv preprint archive, and allow to group seminars by centers of interests. Send a message to [Contact] at bottom of this page if you want to advertise a seminar in another area.

Subscription Site

You can access this website using your email address as your user ID and a password created on first use. You can view seminar listings sorted by field, institution, or series. You can also subscribe yourself to receive selected listings by e-mail every day or every week. It is important to always use the same email address.

Announcer Site

The site allows people registered advertiser to announce a new seminar, to modify information relating to a series or an institute. There are two levels of privilege (administrator / user) for each series and institute. To announce a seminar, it is necessary to have either privilege for both the series and institute which will host the seminar.

Posting announcements in the generic series COURS, SEM-INFOR (informal seminar), SEM-EXCEP (seminar outside usual selminar series) seminar), JOUR-CLUB (journal club), SOUTEN-TH (thesis defense), WORK-CONF (workshop, conference) does not require special permission, other than the privilege to announce at the institute concerned.

The administrator is empowered to give or revoke the privilege to advertise in its series or institute to any user previously reported. She can also edit the general information about series or institute such as usual location, schedule, topic, etc.

Access to the announcer site requires a login/password (a priori different from that for the subscription site). Those wishing to advertise seminars in their lab or in a series may send their details to [Contact] at bottom of this page to get an account.


After a seminar has taken place and with the agreement of the speaker, the organizers are invited to upload the slides into SEMPARIS (PowerPoint or PDF format, up to 15 MB). The slides will then be available for consultation by anyone. For this purpose, search for the seminar in 'archive' mode, and click on (access restricted).

You can easily import the annoucements for SEMPARIS, filtered by series or institute, into the calendar software of your choice, such as iCal (Macintosh), korganiser and Evolution (Linux), Outlook (Windows) or Google calendar (all operating systems). To this aim, copy the link provided under [IcCal Format] on the page displaying your research query into your software. The seminars are all in a separate category `Seminar', which allows you to associate a specific color of your choice.

SEMPARIS also offers a RSS/XML outpute mode, which you can use to import announcement in your favorite news aggregator , or on the webpage of your laboratory.

SEMPARIS can also be integrated to other websites, see here for an example. The upper and lower banner can be customized by any luser with adminstrator privilege on the corresponding institute or seminar.

Announcers are requested to use the encoding ISO-8859-1 for accents, and comply with the syntax of LaTeX title and abstract, otherwise the automated generation of posters will fail.


The server superseded in 2004 an earlier server called `String Theory in Greater Paris' which was a news portal dedicated to the community of theoretical high-energy physicists. The archiving capabilities were introduced in 2008. The calendar display mode and other improvements for posting the announcements were introduced in May 2010.


All questions, bug-reports, suggestions for improvements, proposals for adding new features can be sent to .

SEMPARIS is maintained on a voluntary, non-profit basis by researchers at LPTHE , with no supporting staff. While we are dedicated to ensure a smooth running of the database, we apologize in advance for delayed answers to email requests, unplanned system failures, etc.

Happy seminars!

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