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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series RENC-THEO
Subjects hep-th
Date Thursday 23 March 2017
Time 11:45
Institute IHP
Seminar Room 314
Speaker's Last Name Benvenuti
Speaker's First Name Sergio
Speaker's Email Address
Speaker's Institution SISSA
Title Monopole superpotentials in 2+1 D: dualities and UV completions
Abstract Gauge theories in three dimensions can admit monopole operators in the potential. Starting from an interacting gauge theory without monopole potential, if the monopole term is relevant, there is an RG flow to the monopole-deformed theory TM. Focusing on U(Nc) SQCD with Nf flavors and N = 2 supersymmetry, we show that even when the monopole potential is irrelevant, the monopole-modified theory TM can exist and enjoy Seiberg-like dualities. We provide a renormalizable, three-dimensional, UV completion of TM and discuss its electric-magnetic dual description. As an application, we find the N=2 3D gauge theory corresponding to a system of D3-D5-NS5 branes containing a stack of coincident NS5 branes broken in half by a D5 brane. This Abelian gauge theory is a quiver containing many monopole terms in the superpotential and is mirror-dual of a standard gauge theory.
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