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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series IPHT-STA
Subjects cond-mat
Date Monday 24 April 2017
Time 14:00
Institute IPHT
Seminar Room Salle Claude Itzykson, Bât. 774
Speaker's Last Name Matthieu Wyart
Speaker's First Name
Speaker's Email Address
Speaker's Institution EPFL, Lausanne
Title Levy Flight in Mayonnaise
Abstract Glassy systems with long-range interactions often present avalanche type-response under slow driving, as well as a vanishing density of excitation at low energy or pseudo gap. I will explain why these facts must come together, and discuss in particular the plasticity of amorphous solids (for example, how does a mayonnaise flow when one slowly pushes it with a spoon). In that case a pseudo-gap characterizes the density of vibrational modes that are close to a saddle node bifurcation. I will argue that the mean-field description of plasticity maps into the problem of Levy Flights near an absorbing boundary. Using this analogy I will show that the pseudo-gap exponent characterizing the solid stability is not universal, except when the applied stress is zero, and depends non-monotonically on the stress level. If time permit, I will discuss a scaling description of the liquid phase above the yield stress, connections to other type of glassy systems (spin, hard spheres and electron glasses), as well as open questions.
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