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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series STR-LPT-ENS-HE
Subjects hep-th
Date Tuesday 12 December 2017
Time 11:30
Institute LPTENS
Seminar Room library
Speaker's Last Name Murthy
Speaker's First Name Sameer
Speaker's Email Address
Speaker's Institution King's College London
Title Twisted BRST quantization and localization in supergravity
Abstract Supersymmetric localization is a powerful technique to evaluate a class of functional integrals in supersymmetric field theories. It reduces the functional integral over field space to ordinary integrals over the space of solutions of the off-shell BPS equations. The application of this technique to supergravity suffers from some problems, both conceptual and practical. I will discuss one of the main conceptual problems, namely how to construct the fermionic symmetry with which to localize. I will show how a deformation of the BRST technique allows us to do this. This leads us to a formulation of twisted supergravity. I will then sketch a computation of the one-loop determinant of the graviton supermultiplet that enters the localization formula for BPS black hole entropy.
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Comments Attention au changement de lieu !

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