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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series LPT-PTH
Subjects hep-ph
Date Friday 28 December 2018
Time 16:00
Institute LPT
Seminar Room 114
Speaker's Last Name Pierre
Speaker's First Name Mathias
Speaker's Email Address
Speaker's Institution LPT Orsay
Title Dark matter phenomenology: from simplified WIMP models to refined alternative solutions
Abstract Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) are among the best motivated dark matter candidates. However, in light of non conclusive detection signals and strong constraints from collider, direct and indirect detection experiments, I will start by giving an overview of the WIMP paradigm in the context of simplified dark matter models. I will then discuss models considering extended gauge structures such as constructions involving generalized Chern- Simons couplings and a specific WIMP scenario motivated by flavor anomalies. In a second part, I will discuss an alternative dark matter thermal production mechanism by showing an explicit realization of the Strongly Interacting Massive Particles (SIMPs) paradigm in the context of a non-abelian hidden gauge structure. In a last part I will discuss the strong impact of the reheating stage of the universe on the dark matter density production in the context of non-thermal scenarios.
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