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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series STRINT
Subjects hep-th
Date Thursday 14 November 2019
Time 14:30
Institute LPTENS
Seminar Room Scherk library (former LPTENS library)
Speaker's Last Name Paul
Speaker's First Name Hynek
Speaker's Email Address
Speaker's Institution University of Southampton
Title String corrections to the double-trace spectrum of N=4 SYM
Abstract The construction of perturbative loop corrections to AdS_5 supergravity amplitudes goes hand in hand with understanding the double-trace spectrum of planar N=4 super Yang-Mills. I will discuss the mixing of double-trace operators at strong coupling and show how their degeneracy is resolved by supergravity- and string-corrections, arriving at simple formulae for both their supergravity and \alpha' corrected anomalous dimensions. We observe striking patterns in the spectra which hint at their common ten-dimensional origin, in agreement with the recent discovering of a 10 dimensional conformal symmetry.
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