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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series SEM-LKB
Subjects quant-ph
Date Monday 20 January 2020
Time 14:00
Institute LKB
Seminar Room Sorbonne Université – 4, place Jussieu – 75005 Paris T13-23 2e 210
Speaker's Last Name Kienzler
Speaker's First Name Daniel
Speaker's Email Address
Speaker's Institution ETH Zurich
Title Spectroscopie par logique quantique sur les ions moléculaires H2+
Abstract Quantum logic spectroscopy is a powerful tool for high-precision spectroscopy of ion species that lack cycling transitions for state preparation, readout, and laser cooling. It enables full control of the `spectroscopy ion' through a co-trapped, well-controlled `logic ion' and quantum logic operations between the two. Quantum logic spectroscopy powers one of the most precise atomic clocks and has been recently implemented for molecular ions and highly-charged atomic ions. I will give an introduction to quantum logic spectroscopy and describe recent experiments of its implementation with molecular ions. I will then describe how we plan to implement quantum logic spectroscopy for the hydrogen molecular ion at ETH Zurich and present the status of the experimental setup.
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