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Status Confirmed
Date Friday 17 January 2020
Time 13:00
Institute DPT-PHYS-ENS
Seminar Room Conf IV
Speaker's Last Name Aulehla
Speaker's First Name Alexander
Speaker's Email Address
Speaker's Institution EMBL Heidelberg
Title Arnold tongues in mouse embryos — the study of collective signalling oscillations in embryonic patterning
Abstract We study the origin and function of signaling oscillations in embryonic development. Oscillatory activities (period ~2 hours) of the Notch, Wnt and Fgf signaling pathway have been identified in mouse embryos and are linked to periodic mesoderm segmentation and the formation of pre-vertebrae, somites. Most strikingly, Notch signaling oscillations occur highly synchronized, yet phase-shifted, in cell ensembles, leading to spatio-temporal wave patterns sweeping through the embryo. I will discuss how we use general synchronisation principles based on entrainment/Arnold tongues to reveal general properties and function of collective oscillations during the mesoderm patterning process.
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