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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series SEM-GRECO
Subjects astro-ph
Date Monday 23 November 2020
Time 11:00
Institute IAP
Seminar Room zoom details: contact
Speaker's Last Name Le Tiec
Speaker's First Name Alexandre
Speaker's Email Address
Speaker's Institution LUTH, Observatoire de Paris
Title Spinning black holes fall in Love
Abstract The open question of whether a black hole can become tidally deformed by an external gravitational field has profound implications for fundamental physics, astrophysics and gravitational-wave astronomy. Love numbers characterize the tidal deformability of compact objects such as astrophysical (Kerr) black holes. We prove that all Love numbers vanish identically for a Kerr black hole in the nonspinning limit or for an axisymmetric tidal perturbation. In contrast to this result, we show that Love numbers are generically nonzero for a spinning black hole. Specifically, to linear order in the black hole spin and the weak perturbing tidal field, we compute in closed form the Love numbers that couple the mass-type and current-type quadrupole moments to the electric-type and magnetic-type quadrupolar tidal fields. This tidal deformability is potentially observationally important through its contribution to the accumulated gravitational-wave phase of an inspiralling stellar-mass compact object into a massive black hole. We show that for a dimensionless black hole spin ~ 0.1, the nonvanishing quadrupolar Love numbers are ~ 0.002. This indicates that, despite black holes being particularly "rigid" compact objects, their nonvanishing tidal deformability could be detected by the future gravitational-wave interferometer LISA
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