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Status Confirmed
Seminar Series IPHT-MAT
Subjects hep-th
Date Wednesday 19 June 2024
Time 14:15
Institute IPHT
Seminar Room Salle Claude Itzykson, Bât. 774
Speaker's Last Name Fridrik Gautason
Speaker's First Name
Speaker's Email Address
Speaker's Institution
Title One-loop strings and holography
Abstract I will discuss recent progress in computing one-loop partition functions of strings in type II backgrounds with RR flux. The backgrounds we focus on are relevant for holographic setups with well-understood gauge theory duals. The computation of certain observables in the QFT duals can be done using supersymmetric localization to a matrix model. Using string theory, we will compute the expectation value of BPS Wilson loop operators in gauge theories and determine non-perturbative corrections to sphere partition functions and compare with QFT predictions when available.
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